The Esse Quam Videri Society

Planned Giving & Bequests

Esse Quam Videri, "To Be, Rather Than To Seem", the School motto, is the name given to the society established to recognize those who possess the vision to include Boys' Latin School in their estate planning.  As a member of the Esse Quam Videri Society, one helps to shape the values and traditions of future generations and ensures the continued excellence of the Boys' Latin program.  This kind of legacy gift is a leadership commitment for others to follow and assures the passing of knowledge and ideals from generation to generation.  It is an investment in the future of young people and our world. Throughout the years, the Boys' Latin family has generously provided the means for the School to remain true to its mission of educating young men in a supportive atmosphere which encourages individual achievement, mutual respect, and a strong sense of community.


CLASS OF 1934 CLASS  OF 1955 CLASS OF 1979
Page Edmunds II James McC. Webster* Stephen M. Dubin
  David W. Meese  
CLASS OF 1935   CLASS OF 1984
Andrew J. Young III* CLASS OF 1959 Thomas G. Blair
  Dyson P. Ehrhardt  
CLASS OF 1939    CLASS OF 1986
David W. Roszel CLASS OF 1964 Matthew D. LeBlanc
  Robert E. Carter  
CLASS OF 1940   CLASS OF 1993
George M. S. Riepe CLASS OF 1965 Jarrett B. Leeb
  Harry C. Bowie III Dennis H. Weinman
CLASS OF 1941    
Strother B. Marshall CLASS OF 1966 HONORARY ALUMNI
  Harold G. Hathaway III Albert Rubeling
CLASS OF 1943   John W. Sieverts
Eugene Servary* CLASS OF 1968  
  Michael G. Trawinski FACULTY & STAFF
CLASS OF 1944   Jean S. Campbell
Raleigh Brent II CLASS OF 1970 William Dingledine
Robert F. Ohrenschall* Richard B. Kelly Stephen M. Dubin
Joseph W. Sener, Jr.*   Dyson P. Ehrhardt
Howard R. Simpson* CLASS OF 1972 William B. Endres*
  G. Todd Guntner Armand Girard
CLASS OF 1945 William A. Nierman, Jr. Anne P. Kellerman
James E. McDonnell   J. McDonald Kennedy, Jr.
  CLASS OF 1973 John W. Sieverts
CLASS OF 1946 Charles F. Black, Sr.  
Louis A. Demely C. Randall Deering CURRENT PARENTS
  Stuart "Dusty" Farber Walker S. Mygatt
CLASS OF 1950    
Timothy T. Pohmer CLASS OF 1974 FORMER PARENTS
  Scott E. Huber Anne D. Gee
CLASS OF 1952   Bettie R. Hill*
John H. Ehrhardt III CLASS OF 1975 Angela & Gregory S. Horning
  Phillip C. Federico Carolyn S. Obrecht
CLASS OF 1954 Bruce D. McLean  
  CLASS OF 1976 McHenry "Mac" Gillet*
  J. McDonald Kennedy, Jr. George D. Solter*
*Deceased   NEW MEMBERS
    Thomas G. Blair '84
    William A. Niermann, Jr. '72




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